Who we are…

Prestige-Fit was established in 2009 when Brisbane’s fitness culture was just beginning to grow. Starting out small, they have grown significantly, with a loyal and varied client base - many of whom have been training for over 5 years. That alone speaks volumes about the quality, the care of coaching and the powerful community Prestige-Fit has. They pride themselves on keeping their clients grounded with the best, most up to date research in the world, whilst steering clear of all the mad hype, confusion, and the next ridiculous fad.

The Prestige-Fit Team know what works and what doesn’t and they stick to what has stood the test of time. This is why they continue to create great results in the healthiest of ways with every client. The focus is around education and improving all aspects of health and fitness, which equals great results that stick around for good (no more yo-yo dieting!). With clients ranging from 16-over 70 years old, the Prestige-Fit community is friendly, loving, and will be your number 1 cheer squad to help you achieve those goals you never thought possible. Whether your goal is to be able to chase the kids/grandkids around, rehab an injury, or run an ultramarathon - this is your one stop shop. 


What our customers say about us…

"5 Star service"

"The best gym experience I’ve ever had."

"The wealth of knowledge is like no other place, I have seen time and time again just how wonderful this team of experts are to everyone. "

"The results are great with a real life approach to fitness, nothing unrealistic but they push you, wow, do they push you"


Some of Our Results


Some of our Corporate Customers

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48 Abbotsford Road
Bowen Hills, QLD, 4006

Call or Text: 0420 455 770

Email: info@prestige-fit.com


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