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Here at Prestige-Fit we operate with a custom app that helps you achieve even better results than the standard gym. You track all your progressions, keep accountable to your trainer and have your individualised program made for you directly in your private profile so you know exactly where you are at and you never miss a beat, even if you are travelling.

ICE – Intense Cardio Exercise

This is the best place to start your health and fitness journey.

Science-based fat loss. Short 25 min sessions max. including warm up and stretch. It is High Intensity so be ready for that and Low impact is available if needed. It’s a fun and friendly atmosphere and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Waterfront Park, Newstead QLD 4006 (we meet by the children’s playground)

6am and 6pm – Monday and Wednesdays
7am – Saturdays (8am in winter)

Memberships available for $15 or $30 per week for 1 day per week or all 3. 


Like to pay Upfront? Options available, please contact us

FIRE – Focused Intense Resistance Exercise

This is truly the body shaper. If you want lasting results with the way you look, feel and function then this is for you. FIRE is scientifically proven to deliver consistenly awesome results. To maximise results join FIRE and ICE together and you have all your basis covered.

Prestige-Fit Studio – 3/5 Byres St, Newstead QLD 4006

Current Supervised FIRE times:
6-7am and 5-8pm – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Memberships available for $40 or $70 per week for 1 or 2 days per week. 

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Like to pay Upfront? Options available, please contact us

Private Membership

$50 per week.
Individualised Professional Programming ($30) and Full Access Gym Membership ($20).

– The best membership to have if you are confident and autonomous in the gym with your FIRE and ICE sessions  
– Access the private gym whenever you like 24/7 with your Smart Phone
– Structured professional programming made specifically for you and your goals/needs via our comprehensive app
– Personal assessment every 4-6 weeks to make sure you are progressing well 
– ICE workouts made for you in the gym and the app so at home or travelling workouts are easy
– 24/7 Access to your Prestige-Fit Health and Fitness Expert

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Premium 1 on 1 Private Coaching

This training is more hands on and personal.
Our Premium Private 1 on 1 Coaching  is customised specifically for you to achieve your goals in the fatest and most effective way.
This is a great place to start if you are concerned about the safety of exercise or have a very specific time bound goal to achieve. 

Prices range from $400 – $2000 per month. 


Functional Mobility

This is a mobility class like no other.

We take the time and educate and walk you through how to get your body in top condition for you to  move well. 

Learn to mobilise your body using foam/plastic rollers, bands, balls and free weights to free up your whole body, improve performance, improve/prevent injuries, fix up aches, pains or tightness. 

You will feel amazing! 

This is an easy $10 add on to your Program if you are a current Prestige-Fit member or $20 per week for non-members. You will have 3-4 FUNC.MOB. sessions to work through per week to get you to peak mobility. 

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Like to pay Upfront? Options available, please contact us

Prestige-Fit Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

Learn how to accelerate your results by up to 400% with Nutrient Timing and Fast Delicious Nutrition. Learn how to enjoy eating well and never count a calorie or fasting or dieting ever!

This is by far the most comprehenshive and easy to follow nutrition challenge we have ever done. You will learn so much and will have made some significant differences to your health and fitness in a short 12 weeks. 

This program teaches you how to improve your relationship with food and improve your optimum health and block out all the other insane money-making, non evidence-based rubbish out there.

You will be getting the very best of our knowledge in fitness, nutrition and overall approach to accelerate your results.

This will improve not only your physical health, but your mental health too.

Results Guaranteed!

You could also have your part of  $25,000 that’s given away each year for the best transformations. 

Next Program Starts – Monday 4th of FEB 2019

$350.00 Total Upfront
or 3 payments of $150.00 billed monthly.

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The Extreme Team

So you want to do an Extreme Event? Well…we have done a lot. We know exactly what it takes to train and eat for long intense events like Adventure Races, Obstacle Races, Triathlons and Trail/Road Running events. With Extreme Team training in a group you will get through it unscathed and in great spirits. Next Extreme Team begins early 2019.

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Corporate Program – The Feel Great in 8

The ‘Feel Great in Eight’ Program is an 8 week Health, Fitness and Nutrition Program. We run 1-3 exercise classes per week with structured nutrition education along with them. 

We can do programs for 3 to 300 people.

Some companies like to subsidise their staff members to show they really support them. However –in fact these programmes don’t have to cost your company anything as we organise all of this at such a competitive rate that it’s easy for your people to pay themselves. We have found this works really well as it creates accountability to keep up witht the program. 

We have now been running this program for over 7 years with various companies and it works really well. We work with the saem compnaies year in year out. 

If you want to have happy, healthy, productive and engaged staff members and help improve the quality of their lives, then please enquire on the form here. 

Some of our Happy Corporate Customers

Corporate Health, Fitness and Wellness is in its infancy in Australia still
so… if you want to step up your business game and make a difference to your productivity and profit…keep your staff healthy, happy, productive and engaged with us.

Real People. Real Results.

If you would like to know the full story about any of these awesome people, please ask. There are far more changes than just physical ones that have happened for many of these people!

Fact – Improving your Health and Fitness makes everything else better.

Our Awesome Team

All of our experts are educated in the approach to nutrition linked with exercise called Metabolic Precision and so we are qualified to help you accelerate your results dramatically with Nutrition and Exercise together.

Isaac Calvert

Health and Fitness Expert
Metabolic Nutritionist (Level 4)

Isaac is an avid Obstacle/Mud Racer , Trail Runner  and loves General and Athletic Strength and Conditioning with a passion for  Movement, Mobility and Mental Health.
He has extensive exeperience in all these areas and has helped thousands make significant changes to their Health throughout his 10+ years in this profession. 

Jared Newport

Health and Fitness Expert
Metabolic Nutritionist (Level 4)

Jared has a passion for health and fitness and has completed many major fitness events. He is a professional and knowledgeagble coach.
Jared has 10+ years experience in this profession.

Linda Craig

Health and Fitness Expert
Metabolic Nutritionist (Level 2)

Linda transitioned from a 25 year career as a Head Chef in to Health and Fitness so she knows how to make nutritious food super tasty.
She is a keen obstacle course racer and has over 8 years experience in this profession. 

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We are very happy to help with anything so please ask if you have any questions or queries.

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These products are recommended to make your results accelerate dramatically. You need to know and understand how to use them first so be sure to check with your Prestige-Fit Health and Fitness Expert on how to get the most from using them to hit your goals.

Hint: Be sure to ask for your special discount code if you are a Prestige-FitFam member.

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