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Our mission is to create life-long results for you by guiding and educating you to your Optimum Health, helping you create a body you can be proud of.

You want to lose fat fast? We provide you with the best education, support network and community you can have to guarantee great results. You’ll get life-long results from creating new healthy habits with no quick fix fads, diets or magic pills. You will learn how to lose body fat fast, maintain healthy lean tissue and keep hard-earned results that last from the Effective Programming, Training and Nutrition Education. 

We have all of our effective services outlined for you on our services page. If you're just new to this, the best place to start is by joining our ICE group fitness in Waterfront Park, Newstead/Teneriffe.

You know that you will inevitably have to do it the tested and proven way to maintain great health and wellness so why not learn how to do it now?

Enhancing Your Health is our greatest focus!

  • Guaranteed Results!
  • Incredibly supportive community
  • Educated and Experienced Health, Fitness and Nutrition Experts
  • Positive, fun and social atmosphere
  • No need to go anywhere else!

Our Services

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