Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge


You will learn everything you need to know about nutrition to create optimum health while ignoring the masses with zero fad diets, no calorie counting or any restrictions. We literally teach you everything! This means if you apply everything we teach you will never need to diet or learn this stuff ever again, you’ll be set for life. You will learn how to use food to accelerate your results, whatever your goals may be. Cool right?!

Best of all we help solidify these great habits in to your life so you can continue to live a long, healthy and happy life at your peak health and wellness. 

What you get:

  • The complete 12 week Metabolic Precision Nutrition program

  • Full access to Mp-Body .com which is a complete online tool for up to date information

  • Private Facebook group for all communications and where challenges within the challenge take place 

  • 24/7 Support from me and the team ;-)

  • Prestige-Fit custom app for exercise sessions so you never miss a beat.

  • Personalised programming for the duration of the Challenge

  • Prestige-Fit 2019 Limited Edition Training

  • Prestige-Fit limited edition singlet

All this along with the best long term results around. It actually doesn’t get better than this. 

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