Lean WPI – Whey Protein Isolate by Genetix Nutrition


Lean WPI – Whey Protein Isolate by Genetix Nutrition




This is a supremely effective Lean WPI from Genetix Nutrition gives you one of the highest quality, ultra-flow filtered, Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) available. WPI is an easily digested protein that is quickly absorbed by the body. Lean WPI is ideal for individuals that require maximum muscle growth, has virtually zero fat or carbs and is rapidly releasing.

Over the last five years Genetix Nutrition has always utilised New Zealand WPI. The brand continues to produce a quality product utilising one of the most effective and ethical WPIs on the market.

Genetix Nutrition WPI: A superior protein delivery

Not all WPIs are equal. Some WPIs are manufactured under harsh conditions and are robbed of much of their bioactivity and thus become less effective. This lean Genetix Nutrition WPI is scientifically processed under strict conditions to ensure it maintains its high level of naturally occurring essential and branch chain amino acids. This lean WPI is one of the ultimate in lean proteins on the market for the elite competitor or health conscious individual.

So why use this WPI?

One reason is that it is high in BCAAs for lean muscle growth. WPI also supports the body’s immune system. WPI contains high levels of essential amino acids. Genetix Nutrition Lean WPI is nature’s purest and most effective protein for supporting lean muscle gain as well as maintaining overall health and fitness.

This WPI is purified and Genetix Nutrition does not use Ace K or aspartame in the product. It contains naturally occurring immune boosters and antioxidants and is a natural appetite suppressant. Elite bodybuilders, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and everday gym goers are moving to Genetix Nutrition’s Lean WPI because of its benefits as a high-end protein source.

Product highlights

  • 90 percent pure WPI
  • Microfiltration innovation
  • Dried at cold temperatures
  • Super low carb
  • Extremely low fat
  • Mixes easily

Some key benefits

  • It’s nature’s premium protein
  • Very easy to digest
  • Powerful amino acid profile
  • Stacked with BCAAs
  • Maximum nitrogen retention
  • High-end protein for packing on lean muscle
  • Promotes muscle repair and recovery

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