100% Whey – Whey Protein Blend by Genetix Nutrition


100% Whey – Whey Protein Blend by Genetix Nutrition




This impressive lean whey protein from Genetix Nutrition is one of our most popular products at Nutrition Warehouse and the results simply speak for themselves. It’s a truly advanced premium protein product that’s “very easy to drink” with a delicious taste. The product was expertly designed to suit active men and women of all kinds, right through to elite athletes and professional bodybuilders.

If you’re goal is to increase the protein in your diet and build quality muscle whilst keeping a lean and mean body, then 100% Lean Whey is the product you’ll need. This functional supplement utilises three individual proteins, each with varying digestive rates and there own amino acid profile. This blend ensures muscles are continually fed for hours with the most complete proteins available.

This 100 percent lean whey contains the finest whey protein from New Zealand and is ultra high quality and refined. It is also ridiculously tasty and satisfying. Better yet it’s loaded with muscle-saving BCAAs and naturally occurring glutamine to assist in recovery.

Genetix Nutrition 100% Lean Whey contains a “high protein matrix” of medium to fast digesting proteins as detailed below:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is a medium digesting protein with an excellent muscle building amino acid profile. It also contains high levels of immune and health enhancing protein fractions making it ideal to support muscle growth and the metabolism of hard trainers.
  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is a fast digesting protein and an excellent choice for post-workout supplementation because that’s exact the time when your body needs protein ASAP! WPI is digested very quickly (about 30 minutes) ensuring you don’t miss that vital feeding “window”. WPI should be used anytime protein is required fast.

The Genetix Nutrition range delivers one of the most competitive supplement ranges on the market, meaning you get more of the quality nutritional products to reach your goals without breaking the bank. Whether it’s protein powders, pre-workouts or any other physique building agents you’re sure to find the product you need to build the body you’ve always wanted.

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Chocolate Bomb, Banana, Neapolitan, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Delight


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